Children’s U-Shaped Silicone Toothbrush
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Children’s U-Shaped Silicone Toothbrush

$14.97 $30.00

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Your baby is not interested in brushing and does not want to use a toothbrush?
It overturns the traditional toothbrush and makes your baby love brushing teeth from now on

All-round deep cleaning, not afraid of cavities looking for trouble

The unique shape design allows your baby’s teeth to develop healthily, wrapping the teeth in all directions, without missing a corner

45 ° pasteurization method, a more scientific way of brushing teeth

Just the right number and length of bristles combined with the taper, brushing teeth has never been so easy

45° soft side bristles, 90° soft bottom bristles

Cartoon shape, non-slip handle, interesting cartoon shape, grab the baby’s interest, soft rubber non-slip groove, safe non-slip to use with confidence

Can be disinfected for repeated use, simple boiling water can be sterilized, safe and hygienic

Food-grade U-shaped toothbrush VS regular U-shaped toothbrush

Food grade U-shaped toothbrush  ✔️
Safe material with soft bristles
Safer in the mouth
The soft texture does not hurt the mouth
Fine bristles wrapped in three dimensions
Fine bristles clean teeth in three dimensions
Effectively removes plaque and physical residue

Ordinary U-shaped toothbrush  ❌
Non-food grade material with hard bristles
There are safety hazards
Incomplete coverage
The poor tooth cleaning effect
The brush head is too long
Extremely difficult to bite down on not suitable for children

Age: 2-6 years old, 7-14 years old
Color: Blue, Pink